LifeInPocket® Quick Starting Guide

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LifeInPocket® is the only life enrichment app/services available today.

LifeInPocket® home page has 15 icons (16 for Storm and Storm2)
Icons are color coded
- Blue: 8 icons for location and GPS based services
- Green: 2 icons for Personal Services
- Sky blue: 4 icons for Media and web functions
- Red: System functions and settings

Icons with satellite images are GPS based services

LifeInPocket® is self explanatory and is easy to use. Although Life in Pocket comes with a huge number of features, it 's very easy to use. Simply select each icon/item and browse through all features then you will be able to master it.

For example, selecting the "Nav" icon will enable you to:
- Enter destination address for navigation and other services
- Use BlackBerry address book to navigate, call, map it, etc.

To find nearby points of interest:
GPS icon/Marked Locations/MyLocation > Search nearby restaurants > Italian > Take(Guide) me there/Map it/...

Always exit other GPS apps prior to starting LifeInPocket because poorly designed apps may possesse GPS port to prevent LifeInPocket from functioning properly.

LifeInPocket® supports both Google and Blackberry Maps.

Personalize your LifeInPocket® experience first to enjoy personalized content tailored for you; no typing needed, just the information you need, instantly available, one click away. Scroll down to the bottom of pages of the app. You will see below items.. Press on them and you can personalize LifeInPocket® to fit your lifestyle.

LifeInPocket® can run for days with one battery charge if you don’t use navigation. GPS navigation requires huge powers by nature but it still lasts 3 times longer than many expensive navigation apps. Many Navigation apps can only last less than 2 hours for each battery charge.

Always exit Google/BlackBerry Maps (not close) after opening them because they drain battery quickly.

If you simply closing (instead of exiting) Maps, they will be running on the background to drain your battery in hours. Play video/music drains battery too.

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